St.Theresa Clinic, situated in the village Akim-Akroso in the East-Ghana countryside, was founded in 1989 by Mr. Lawrence, a university-trained nurse. Seeing the health care in his hometown Akim-Akroso in such poor condition, he decided to quit his job in a hospital somewhere else to start his own clinic in Akim-Akroso.

Since 1981 Marian Remmerswaal has been involved as a vollunteer/nurse in the situation on the countryside of Ghana. Several months a year she went to Ghana to contribute as a nurse, first in a clinic in Memisa, later in a hospital in the dry, hot north. The appalling situation she found made her strive to improve the health care through several projects.

In 1987 she got in contact with Lawrence Bempong and was invited by him in 1990 to attend the traditional inauguration of the St. Theresa Clinic in Akim-Akroso. The poor conditions drover her to work towards the imrpovement of the living condition in Akim-Akroso and Asuoso, specifically in terms of education and health care.

This led to her being installed as Nkosohene (sub-chief) of the village with the “stool” name: Nana AdwoaObenewaa 1.
Since 1990 a number of educational and health care projects have been set up in that village. All of which operate completely independently now.

Below is a summary of all the projects in Akim-Akroso en Asuoso.
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